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Our Story

About Tiny Seeds Nature School

Tiny Seeds Nature School is an independently owned, private, fully licensed preschool for children ages 2-5.  Our mission is to provide a safe, largely outdoor, play based environment in which children can learn in a developmentally appropriate way.  We work on a variety of social, behavioral, and cognitive skills in a way that focuses on nature, interactions with other children, and play.  Children learn skills that will prepare them for kindergarten when they are individually ready for these skills.  Because we know families have different work schedules and pay periods, we accept full and part-time children and offer two payment options.  We are conveniently located in San Antonio, Texas north of the medical center







About Monica DeLaCruz

I am an educator with over 17 years in the field.  I graduated from UTSA with my bachelors in education and my masters in educational leadership.  I have taught toddlers, preschool, prekindergarten, first grade, fourth grade, and adult learners.  I have served as an assistant principal and I have worked at district offices.  I first was introduced to outdoor learning in 2015 and I have tried to learn everything I can about it since then.  I believe that the natural world develops creativity, critical thinking skills, collaboration, and communication.  Tiny Seeds Nature School provides an outdoor and indoor environment for children to learn by playing and to grow their imaginations.  

For those families who do not wish or need to send their children to preschool, I create Tiny Seeds Nature Boxes to encourage play with nature and imagination building.

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